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Pre-reading materials

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Day 1:

0 – MARII introduction 2023

ECO56 – UTOPIA – Development of a mUltimedia uniT world OPen-source model for mIcroplAstic, Matt MacLeod

ECO60 Emission factors for micro and nanoplastics, Sam Harrison

ECO 61 HERA-MP – Establishment of a Holistic RA Assessment, Karsten Schlich

Composition Profiles and Env Risk of Microplastics in Tokyo Bay, Wataru Naito

Characterization of Exposures to Airborne Particles, Alison Elder – University of Rochester

Development of MNP Health & Environmental Literature Platform (MNP-HELP) – A curated Literature Repository for Risk Assessment Research, Julie Panko – ToxStrategies

Brigid Project, Camilla Carteny – PlasticsEurope

Unveiling the effects of microplastics- QA-QC, effect thresholds and effect mechanisms, de Ruiter, WUR

Current research initiatives and strategies for microplastic management in California, Hampton, SCCWRP

Higher-tier community effects of nano- and microplastics in the context of risk assessment_Redondo_IMDEA Water

Microplastic particle effects and risks – The way forward_Gouin

The need for reference materials in microplastics studies from a toxicological perspective _Ingeborg Kooter, TNO

Reference materials – Literature review_Gouin

Reliably Generating Microplastic Particles for Laboratory Testing _Sayes, Baylor University

Progress with Reference Materials in Europe – Wohlleben, BASF and Parker, TNO

Day 2:

Degradation processes of microplastics, Law SEA and Hu DOW

Generation of Microplastics in the Ocean Environment, Andrady, NCSU

Processes of Environmental Plastic Weathering and Biodegradation in Natural Systems (and how to study them), Duhaime, Michigan University

Predicting plastic fragmentation in the environment, Harrison, UKCEH

IVIVE In Human Toxicity Assessments of Microplastics, Ellis-Hutchings, DOW

Some Fundamentals of Particle Dosimetry for Risk-Directed Studies – Teeguarden, PNNL

Earlier and Novel Findings from Inhalation Studies of Ultrafine Particles Predictors for Effects and Biokinetics of Inhaled Micro- and Nano-Plastics , Oberdoester, University of Rochester

In-vitro inhalation microplastics assessments – IVIVE approaches, Hansen, Fraunhofer

Well-characterized nanoplastics for oral exposure studies in vivo, Johnson, RTI

Lost in parameter space – Can we reduce the complexity in MP research, Holger Kress

Assessing Risks of Microplastics in Drinking Water and the Aquatic Environment to Inform Risk Management Strategies in California, Coffin, CSWRCB

Human health risk frameworks – needs for human health microplastics risk assessment, Raymond, Utrecht University

The Clean Seas Program, Padula, Seattle Aquarium

Additives Workshop

ICCA Additives MARII Intro Additives in Polyethylene and Copolymers_Williamson, DOW

The role of additives in a circular plastics economy_Fieber, ETHZ

LRI ECO58 – Comprehensive additive release and bioaccessibility model for risk assessment of micro- and nano-plastics in the environment, Ferguson, Duke University

U.S. Regulation of Food Contact Substances and Microplastics Implications _ Skaggs

Risk Assessment Framework Discussion, Davis, DOW