ECETOC at a Glance

ECETOC provides a collaborative space for top scientists from  industry, academia and governments to develop and promote practical, trusted and sustainable solutions to scientific challenges which are valuable to industry, as well as to the regulatory community and society in general.

Our values

Scientific excellence: We engage top scientists from industry, academia and governments.

Science for the public good: We tackle crucial scientific questions that pose societal challenges by working on practical scientific solutions to ensure a safe, sustainable and healthy world.

Collaboration: We provide a platform for collaboration between member companies, academia and regulators through regular meetings, symposia, webinars, and active participation in expert groups and task forces.

Independence: We provide the collaborative space, freedom from commercial pressure and long-term project stability needed to ensure independent scientific research and technical development.

Transparency: We openly address potential conflicts of interest (in publications or internally) and make all our work and the scientific findings resulting from it available to the public.

Diversity: We are dedicated to building a diverse organisation and collaborative environment, with a shared commitment to scientific excellence.