ECETOC Membership

Benefits of Membership


  • We create a collaborative environment that brings together the collective scientific expertise of academia, regulatory authorities and industry to contribute to regulatory safety assessments of chemicals.
  • We share scientific knowledge about current and future regulatory science challenges, as well as what’s emerging, what’s new, what’s affecting industry sectors, regulatory authorities and science in general.
  • We actively help shape industry’s future science agenda.
  • We provide access to ECETOC expert meetings attended by industry, top academic and regulatory scientists.
  • We train our members’ young scientists and enhance professional networks through participation in Task Forces, Expert Groups and Research Monitoring Teams.
  • We represent our members in EU and international organisations: ECHA, WHO and OECD.
  • We develop tools to streamline evaluation, registration and management of safe chemistry.
  • Our member companies and the regulatory authorities gain practical scientific understanding and knowledge that they can apply in their organisations.
  • ECETOC helps its members navigate through REACH (Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction) and CLH technicalities.

ECETOC membership is based on the principle of scientific participation and is open to companies who manufacture, use chemicals or are involved in the applied research of their impact on the human health or the environment.

To learn more, contact the ECETOC Secretariat: