Human Health and Exposure Monitoring Teams

The current 2023 research portfolio under the health and exposure programme looks as follows:

  • AIMT11: Enhancing in vitroDNT Testing Strategy
    Principal investigator: Ellen Fritsche, IUF, DE
  • B12.5: Assessing the relevance of the dust contribution in consumer exposure to substances from
    consumer products and articles (DustEx)
    Principal investigator: John Little, Virginia Tech, US
  • B22: Tiered Methods for Quantifying Exposure to Complex Substances (“TMEx-Complex”)
    Principal investigator: Mark Parnis, Trent University, CA
  • B24: Modeling exposure and biodistribution of microplastic particles in the human body
    Principal investigator: Albert Koelmans, Wageningen University, NL
  • C5: Integrating Multiple Molecular-level Data Streams to understand (a) range of normal adaptation vs
    pathology and (b) molecular generated gene expression changes and persistence over time.
    Principal investigator: Jörg Hackermüller, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), DE
  • C6: Toxicogenomic Approaches to Support Read-Across
    Principal investigator: George Daston, Procter & Gamble, US
  • C8: MATCHING – MetAbolomics ring-Trial for CHemical groupING
    Principal investigator: Mark Viant, University of Birmingham, UK
  • C9: Mining the developmental toxicity genome in the zebrafish embryo test to develop a spatio-temporal
    map on morphogenesis and associated biomarker
    Principal investigator: Sylvia Escher, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, DE
  • C10: A Tiered Strategy to Assess Microplastic Inhalation
    Principal inverstigator: Tanja Hansen, ITEM Fraunhofer, DE  
  • EMSG59.2: Developing a quantitative AOP for liver-mediated thyroid modulation after prenatal exposure to a xenobiotic compound in the rat. Principal investigator: Aldert Piersma, RIVM, NL

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