Besides ground breaking research, ECETOC has developed a range of tools:

  • the Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA), which estimates exposures to workers, consumers and the environment that arise during a series of events. (This tool is now used in over 80% of all REACH registrations world-wide).
  • HeatDB, a public directory of exposure data sources as well as available tools for exposure
  • a new Scenario-based Species Sensitivity Distributions (SSD) tool, a software that facilitates the uptake of novel approaches to estimate aquatic threshold concentration (developed by a consortium of partners including ECETOC)
  • NanoApp, a platform to to establish and justify sets of nanoforms and identify poorly soluble – low toxicity (PSLT) nanoforms (developed in collaboration with BASF and Leitat).

Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA)

Human Exposure Assessment Tools Database (heatDB)

Statistical Distribution of Species (SSD)


Links to 3rd party Risk Assessment Tools

LRI Toolbox