ECETOC releases Worker TRA Tool v3.2

ECETOC, the centre for chemical safety assessment, is excited to announce the release of the ECETOC Worker TRA Tool v3.2, following an extensive review by a group of experts to analyse its performance and improve its predictability.

Since 2010, ECETOC’s TRA tool has become an asset for companies in Europe to create screening-level exposure and risk assessments for chemical substances as required under the EU’s REACH regulation. The tool calculates the risk of exposure to chemicals for workers, consumers and the environment.

Key Highlights of the ECETOC Worker TRA Tool v3.2:

  1. Increased Conservatism: based on the critical review and performance analysis, version 3.2 features modified parameters (i.e. reduced base estimates for specific dermal/inhalation exposures for some uses as well as reduced effectiveness of local exhaust ventilation for others) to increase the conservatism of the tool.
  2. Available in 2 formats: Responding to users feedback, the tool is now available as a stand-alone module, as well as part of the (updated) integrated tool (which also includes the Consumer and Environment modules).

User Resources:

Our user guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been updated to provide thorough and user-friendly guidance on using the ECETOC TRA tools.

A series of publications on the developments and further refinements of the tool, including the recently released ones that describe the background to this update (Technical Report 141 and Savic et al., 2023), is also available to users on the ECETOC website.

Teaser Video:

For a quick look into the key changes and improvements that v3.2 of the worker tool brings, we've prepared a concise teaser video, which can be watched here.

The Worker TRA Tool v3.2 can be downloaded for free from the ECETOC website.