TRA – Download

The Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) tool is available in two different versions:

-The Stand-Alone Consumer tool, which allows users to estimate exposure for consumers

-The Integrated tool, which allows users to estimate exposure/risk assessment for workers, consumers and environment

Stand-alone Consumer Tool (v3.1)


Integrated Tool (v3.1)


Download and Installation

1. Click the “download icon” for the required tool and complete the request form.

2. An email will be sent to you containing a download link. This should arrive within a few minutes but if not then please check your spam mail settings and spam/junk mail boxes.

3. Download the zip file with the link provided in the email.

4. Unzip the file to the folder where you will use the tool; keep the original zip so that you can create a fresh installation when necessary; any folder should only contain 1 copy of the tool.

5. The TRA Tool opens in MS Excel and requires macros to be enabled for it to function; the procedure to enable macros varies according to the version of MS Excel used; if unsure, please go to the help section of MS Excel and search for macro security.
Please note that ECETOC does not operate a help desk. For help with using the tool, please refer to the Users manual and FAQ and to the resources available as Background documentation and further reading.

Please email us via the following link if you need further help with the download and installation of the tool:


Please note that the tool is provided for personal use only. It should not be copied or forwarded to third parties. The tool has been subjected to thorough testing. Despite this, ECETOC does not guarantee that the ECETOC TRA tool works error-free. The tool contains SCEDS and SPERC content, which has been provided by third parties. ECETOC is making this tool available for users to aid them in the risk assessment of their materials. ECETOC offers no warranty either to the reliability of the tool and of the provided information or to the conclusions or assumptions made by any user on the basis of the use of this tool or the use of such information. All usage is at the discretion of the user and ECETOC is not liable for any consequences resulting from such use.