Workshop Report 28


AF                                             Assessment factor


AOP                                         Adverse outcome pathway


AWQC                                     Ambient water quality criteria


CBB                                           Critical body burden


CBR                                          Critical body residue


CCME                                      (Canadian) Council of Ministers of the     Environment


CSD                                          Community sensitivity distributions


EQS                                          Environmental quality standards


EPA                                          (US) Environmental Protection Agency


EPT                                          Ephemeroptera–plecoptera–trichoptera taxa


ERA                                          Environmental risk assessment
f-SSD                                       field-based species sensitivity distribution


FWQG                                     (US) Federal water quality guideline


HCp                                          Hazardous Concentration for p% of species (where p is usually 5)


hSSD                                        Hierarchical species sensitivity distribution


ICE                                            Interspecies correlation estimation


LAS                                           Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate


LC50                                        Lethal concentration for 50% of test population


LD50                                       Lethal dose for 50% of test population


LLHC5                                    Lower limit hazardous concentration for 5% of species


MCDA                                    Multi-criteria decision analysis


MDR                                        Minimum data requirement


MOA                                        Mode of action


MSS                                           Mode-specific sensitivity


NOEC                                      No observed effect concentration


PBPK                                       Physiologically based pharmacokinetic


PEC                                           Predicted environmental concentration


PNEC                                       Predicted no effect concentration


PNOF                                       Potentially not occurring fractions


QSAR                                       Quantitative structure activity relationship


QSSR                                        Quantitative species sensitivity relationship


RAC                                          Regulatory acceptable concentration


REACH                                     EU regulatory framework for the                     Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation                                                                              of Chemicals


SSD                                           Species sensitivity distribution


SQG                                         Sediment quality guidelines


TGD                                         Technical guidance document


WFD                                        European Water Framework Directive


WoE                                       Weight of evidence


WQC                                      Water quality criteria