7th ECETOC Symposium at EEMS Annual Meeting looks at thresholds for genotoxins and their application in risk assessment

For the 7th occasion since 1998, ECETOC supported EEMS, the European Environmental Mutagen Society with the organisation of a symposium on 25 September, the last day of its 2008 annual general meeting...
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ECETOC Young Scientist Awards 2008

In 2008 ECETOC sponsored two awards for young scientists and is pleased to announce this year's winners: For the environmental science related award, the ECETOC Young Scientist Award at the Society o...
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Scientific Committee News

The Scientific Committee is a central organ of ECETOC, meeting 6 times a year to peer-review and guide the work programme. ECETOC members have access online to detailed minutes of each meeting. It is...
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ECETOC strategic science areas at Eurotox annual meetings

On the occasion of the annual Eurotox meeting in Rhodes 5-8 October 2008, ECETOC organised two sessions corresponding to two priority science areas: and Science in Society IMAGE MANQUANTE On the occ...
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Report of the 2008 Annual Technical Meeting on cost benefit of chemical controls

Entitled "Counting the Costs and Benefits of Chemical Controls: Role of Environmental Risk Assessment in Socio-Economic Analysis, " this June's Annual Technical Meeting marked ECETOC's first step in...
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New Workshop Report on the Extended One-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study

Together with ECVAM, ECETOC organised a workshop this 14-15 April to discuss triggering and waiving criteria for an extended one-generation reproduction toxicity study, which has been developed to add...
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New JACC Report on Difluoromethane (HFC-32) CAS No. 75-10-5

'JACC 054' updates an earlier ECETOC review and presents a critical evaluation of the available data on the ecotoxicity, toxicity, environmental fate and impact of difluoromethane (HFC-32). JACC 054 -...
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ECETOC and ECPA partner on biomarker‘s workshop

ECETOC and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) co-hosted a workshop entitled “Use of markers for improved retrospective exposure assessment in epidemiology studies' this 24-25 June in Br...
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2007 Annual Report

Consult ECETOC's 2007 Annual Report, the first since the start of its issues-based approach. An 'at a glance' matrix indicates which strategic science initiatives ECETOC has been pursuing during the...
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ECETOC launches long-term science strategy

Science strategy background...
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ECETOC and EEMS (European Environmental Mutagen Society) will co-organise a symposium on the toxicology/genotoxicity of manufactured nanoparticles this 9-13 September in Basel.

The aim is to present new data from on-going industry/academic projects on the genotoxicity and draw attention to related relevant toxicological aspects of manufactured nanoparticles. The symposium...
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A stakeholder workshop on human biomonitoring was organised to consider issues surrounding data interpretation and ethical considerations

A meeting of fifty stakeholders involved in studies measuring environmental pollutants accumulating in man was jointly organised by EU DG Environment , European Centre for Ecotoxicology & Toxicology o...
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Dr. Neil Carmichael to succeed Dr. Michael Gribble as ECETOC Secretary General

As of 1 November 2006, Dr. Neil G. Carmichael, previous Head of Toxicology at Bayer CropScience will succeed Dr. Michael Gribble as Secretary General of ECETOC (The European Centre for Ecotoxicology a...
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Winners of the ECETOC 2006 Science Award for health science related research

On the occasion of the 2006 EUROTOX (European Societies of Toxicology) Annual Congress this 20-24th September in Croatia, ECETOC was pleased to present one of its Young Scientist Awards to Sabine Lang...
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Winner of the ECETOC Science Award for environmental science related research

Within the framework of its commitment to encourage promising scientists, ECETOC supported the Young Scientist Best Platform Award at the 2006 SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)...
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ECETOC launches ISEE/ISEA 2006 Exposure Science Award

ECETOC (European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals) was established in 1978 as an autonomous organisation, to provide a scientific forum through which specialised expertise within t...
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ECETOC 2006 Business Strategy

2006 Strategy.pdf...
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ECETOC launches Associate Membership

As of the beginning of 2006, small and medium-sized chemicals companies will have the improved opportunity to join the ECETOC network as Associate Members. Voted by its members at the 2005 Annual Gene...
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2005 ECETOC Science Award

The 2005 ECETOC Science Award has been presented to Ms. Carolina Wijheden of the Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, for her and her co-authors’ post...
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