Ongoing Task Force

TRA Task Force – Worker branch

This Task Force has been active since 2019 to conduct a review of published validation studies on the TRA Worker tool.

A peer-reviewed publication (Urbanus et al., 2020) sets out the initial review of the published validation studies and creation of a curated database.

The methodology of analysis and the results with focus on full-shift inhalation exposure are reported in the ECETOC Technical Report No. 140 (ECETOC, 2022) and a peer-reviewed publication (Savic et al., 2023).

Task Force’s further analysis of the short-term inhalation and dermal exposure validation studies, together with the results from the previous analysis (TR No. 140 and Savic et al., 2023), provided sufficient information to refine the TRAv3.1 tool. A new version of the TRA Worker tool (v3.2), available from October 2023, features targeted changes, described in TR No. 141, Comparison of measured and modelled short-term inhalation and dermal exposure that further increase the conservatism of the tool.

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