Special Report 19


  1. van Ravenzwaay (Vice Chairman) BASF

Senior Vice President – Experimental Toxicology                                D – Ludwigshafen

  1. Bars Bayer CropScience

Team Leader, Toxicology Research                                                              F – Sophia Antipolis

  1. Boogaard Shell Health

Senior Toxicologist                                                                                                  NL – The Hague

  1. Flückiger F. Hoffmann – La Roche

Chief Occupational Health Officer                                                                CH – Basel

  1. Greim Technical University München

Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Hygiene                         D – München

  1. Hollnagel Dow
    EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist, DABT CH – Horgen
  2. Lewis Syngenta

Global Platform Lead                                                                                             UK – Bracknell

  1. Malinverno Solvay

Global Governmental and Regulatory Affairs                                       B – Brussels / I – Milano

  1. Maltby University of Sheffield

Professor of Environmental Biology                                                             UK – Sheffield

  1. Marshall Unilever SEAC

Environmental Science Leader                                                                       UK – Bedford

M.L. Meisters                                                                                                              DuPont de Nemours

Manager Health and Environmental Sciences EMEA                        B – Mechelen

  1. Pemberton Systox

Director                                                                                                                           UK – Wilmslow

  1. Rodriguez Procter and Gamble

Principal Toxicologist, Corporate Central Product Safety            B – Strombeek-Bever

  1. Rushton Imperial College London

Principal Research Fellow                                                                                  UK – London