Publication presentation: Towards a science-based testing strategy to identify maternal thyroid hormone imbalance and neurodevelopmental effects in the progeny

Since 2018, ECETOC's Special T4 Task Force has been working on analysing thyroid disruption in rodents and humans (and correlated neurodevelopmental effects). The resulting Thyroid Function-Related Neurodevelopmental Toxicity Testing and Assessment Scheme has been developed to make human safety assessments more accurate, while at the same time minimising animal testing.

Join us for a presentation by some of the lead Task Force contributors to find out more about their work and their suggested testing approach.

The event will take place in Brussels (and online) on 27 November, from 16:45 to 17:45 and will be followed by an informal networking reception open to all in-person participants.


The event is open to academia, regulatory bodies, NGOs as well as all ECETOC members - to register, please click here. (Non-member companies interested in participating are kindly asked to contact us for more information).