Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA)

ECETOC’s Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) tool calculates the risk of exposure from chemicals to workers, consumers and the environment. It has been identified by the European Commission’s Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) as a preferred approach for evaluating consumer and worker health risks (ECHA, 2010 a,b).

In response to feedback received from users of the TRA, ECETOC further improved the consumer portion of the model by the inclusion of the ability to account for infrequent uses of consumer products. The changes which were developed in cooperation with ECHA are found in the current version 3.1 of the TRA and are also to be found within Chesar since version 2.3 (

A detailed explanation of the rationale for the changes is contained in an Addendum to ECETOC Technical Report 114 (published as ECETOC Technical Report No. 124) which provides further clarification of how ECETOC has applied ‘transfer factors’ in the TRA’s prediction of oral, dermal and inhalation exposures. These improvements now enable the information contained within developments such as the DUCC Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants ( to be suitably processed.

The update to version 3.1 was used as an occasion to include an updated specific environmental release class (SpERC) list and improvements of the functionalities by offering the export and import of single substance datasets. Version 3.1 is available both as an integrated model and a standalone version for the consumer part, and can be downloaded here together with updated user guides for these tools and ECETOC TRA Technical Reports.

ECHA. 2010a. REACH Technical Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment, Chapter R14: Occupational Exposure Estimation. European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki, Finland.

ECHA. 2010b. Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment, Chapter R15: Consumer Exposure Estimation (Version 2, April 2010). European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki, Finland. Addendum to TR114 : Technical Basis for the TRA v3.1 (June 2014)

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Message from ECETOC, July 2017

Dear TRA User,
A lot has happened since the TRA was first launched in 2004. The TRA is being applied for the vast majority of EU REACH registrations and is also now being closely examined for use by regulators outside the EU. Furthermore, several validation studies on the TRA’s performance have recently reported. ECECTOC continues to follow these developments and engage with the relevant groups where appropriate. It is also our desire to ensure the TRA remains current and fit-for-purpose. It is therefore our plan to update the TRA in 2019/20, beginning after the 2018 registrations. In this respect, we will be publishing an updated technical Addendum later this year and hold a stakeholder workshop on potential enhancements early in 2019.

Since the release of version 3 of the TRA in 2012, there have been a number of developments which affect the tool. Some of these developments result from work that ECETOC has directly undertaken or been involved with. Others come about from the role that the TRA now occupies under REACH and the interest that this has generated across a range of stakeholders. In the order that you are both aware of some of the more recent developments and ECETOC’s views on them, we have compiled the short newsletter below.

Alan Poole, ECETOC Secretary General

Download and Installation

1. Click the “download icon” for the required tool and complete the request form.

2. An email will be sent to you containing a download link. This should arrive within a few minutes but if not then please check your spam mail settings and spam/junk mail boxes.

3. Download the zip file with the link provided in the email.

4. Unzip the file to the folder where you will use the tool; keep the original zip so that you can create a fresh installation when necessary; any folder should only contain 1 copy of the tool.

5. The TRA Tool opens in MS Excel and requires macros to be enabled for it to function; the procedure to enable macros varies according to the version of MS Excel used; if unsure, please go to the help section of MS Excel and search for macro security.
Please note that ECETOC does not operate a help desk. For help with using the tool, please refer to the User Guides, 3 TRA reports – TR 93, TR 107, TR114 and TR124 – and FAQs available above in ‘supporting documents’.

Please email us via the following link if you need further help with the download and installation of the tool:


Please note that the tool is provided for personal use only. It should not be copied or forwarded to third parties. The tool has been subjected to thorough testing. Despite this, ECETOC does not guarantee that the ECETOC TRA tool works error-free. The tool contains SCEDS and SPERC content, which has been provided by third parties. ECETOC is making this tool available for users to aid them in the risk assessment of their materials. ECETOC offers no warranty either to the reliability of the tool and of the provided information or to the conclusions or assumptions made by any user on the basis of the use of this tool or the use of such information. All usage is at the discretion of the user and ECETOC is not liable for any consequences resulting from such use.