Completed Task Force

Refined Approaches for Risk Assessment of PBT/vPvB Chemicals

Environmental Sciences Manager Malyka Galay Burgos

Administrative Assistant Sonia Pulinckx

The findings of the task force were published in October 2011 as ECETOC Technical Report No.112; "Refined Approaches for Risk Assessment of PBT/vPvB Chemicals"

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Due to the argued inadequacies of current risk assessment methodologies, several regulations (e.g. POPs, REACH authorisation) either do not allow or limit possibilities to conduct risk assessments as a basis for risk management decisions. Instead, decisions are based on a strict interpretation of the precautionary principle leading to hazard (rather than risk) based restrictions. A scoping meeting was convened by ECETOC in April 2008 that identified this subject as one where an ECETOC task force could explore opportunities to progress the science.

This task force was established in 2009 with the mandate to collate published risk approaches; to address ongoing research, issues of data availability, and data quality e.g. with regard to reliable data on total emissions. If possible, the task force will recommend a scheme of approaches for risk assessments of PBT/vPvB or POP substances (see ECETOC Technical Report 98 “Risk Assessment of PBT Chemicals') and identify possibilities for further research in this area. The overall outcome of this activity is planned for the end of 2010 in the form of an ECETOC Technical Report followed shortly by a peer-reviewed paper.