Workshop Report

Workshop Report 23 – ECETOC Workshop Report 23 – Epigenetics and Chemical Safety

WR 23 : ECETOC WR 23 - Epigenetics and Chemical Safety | 18 June 2012

Epigenetics is a rapidly developing and expanding biological science which will change our perception of cell biology in a profound way. In order to increase our knowledge of how epigenetics could have an impact in (eco)toxicology, a solid understanding of the biology and variation of the epigenome is essential to better assess concerns about possible adverse health effects related to epigenetic changes.

To obtain a better insight into the current state of the art of epigenetics, and to discuss its potential application in (eco)toxicology, ECETOC organised a workshop with expert participants in the field of epigenetics as well as (eco)toxicological risk assessment. The ECETOC secretariat is pleased to announce the publication of Workshop Report No. 23, which details the proceedings and conclusions of this meeting.