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Planned as a 2.5 day workshop, organized under the principles and with the assistance of The Toxicology Forum, this meeting intends to progress towards a broadly accepted framework to assess and position the safety of trace chemicals exposure from consumer products, and in particular from articles and assembled consumer goods.  Both experimental-analytical and computational approaches, and how their respective exposure data are realistic and relevant for safety assessments, will be in scope.

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The workshop is split into five themes that are noted below. Sessions are scheduled covering the main themes. Each session will be comprised of a mix of invited keynote speakers, with the remaining slots determined through an open call for presentation opportunity for all interested participants.  The workshop should allow for different stakeholders with potentially opposing views to present their opinion and lead to a constructive scientific debate.

  • Theme #1:
    Advances in Analytical Methods: How to Detect and Quantify Relevant Low-Level Chemical Exposure from All Routes?
  • Theme #2:
    Experimental and/or Modeling Approaches?
  • Theme #3:
    Global Databases for Exposure Information
  • Theme #4:
    Guidance for Practitioners, Recommendations for Policy Work and Public Communication
  • Theme #5:
    Towards a Risk Assessment Best Practice Framework

Poster and Platform Abstract Submission Open to All Attendees

All interested individuals may submit abstracts for consideration for presentation as either posters or platform presentations in conjunction with the scheduled sessions centered around the scientific themes of the meeting.

Please visit our website for more details and to submit an abstract for poster or platform presentation

Complete details on registration, hotel reservations, the detailed program agenda, etc. are located in the meeting website.

Please feel free to contact Kevin Merritt at The Toxicology Forum, either via email at or via phone at 1.703.547.0876 with any questions about the meeting.