ECETOC’s Work Recognised By Regulators

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by ECETOC, representatives from the EU and national regulatory bodies, as well as other key stakeholders see ECETOC's contribution to the chemical regulation assessment field as very positive.

The survey shows that the European regulatory science community recognises and appreciates the support ECETOC gives to science-based regulation.

According to the survey, ECETOC should continue to play a key role in assisting with the regulation of chemicals, biomaterials and pharmaceuticals. ECETOC should retain its focus on evaluating the latest developments in testing methods and risk assessment in (eco)toxicology and on developing pragmatic approaches to regulatory requirements.

One respondent stated, ‘ECETOC's focus on best science leads to better decision-making…   Taking the scientific high ground in constructing defences against (or perhaps in support of) various advocacy positions elevates the recognition and status of ECETOC“.

Dr Alan Poole, ECETOC Secretary General said, ‘ECETOC is focused on enhancing science-based risk assessment by providing high-quality scientific information to assist the regulatory authorities when formulating policy decisions around matters of science“. Dr Poole continued, ‘The results of this survey will guide us and ensure that we continue to meet the needs of stakeholders in the years to come“.

ECETOC would like to thank all who took part in this survey.

The results of the stakeholder survey are available at