Dutch Society for Toxicology’s TCDD magazine features ECETOC new Conceptual Framework for Polymer Safety Assessment

TCDD (Toxicological Communication, Data en Documentation), the Dutch Society for Toxicology's quarterly magazine has recently published a feature on ECETOC’s new Conceptual Framework for Polymer Risk Assessment, known as CF4Polymers.

Although the notification of polymers is not yet required within the EU – and regional differences in regulatory definitions add to the already complex task of polymer testing and assessing - ECETOC members have raised the need for uniform principles and guidance.

To support the current regulatory discussions around polymers, ECETOC’s Polymers Task Force has been working to a new conceptual framework to help with polymer safety assessment. This report will be in three instalments: part 1 and part 2 are already available, while the last part (featuring a set of case studies) is scheduled to be released by mid-2021.