Improving chemicals risk assessment with refined exposure characterisation

Workshop at EUROTOX 2016, 05 September 2016, Seville, Spain

Jim Bridges, University of Surrey, UK, and Helmut Greim, LRZ, Germany

W02-1 Improving chemical risk assessment through tiered and targeted application of exposure assessment
Gerlienke Schuur, A.G.  Schuur

W02-2 Experiences from the ECETOC TRA tool, 2004-2016
Chris Money, Cynara Consulting, Brockenhurst, UK

W02-3 Refining exposure data acquisition and application in higher tier consumer assessments, W2(10)
Natalie Von Goetz, Institute of Chemical
and Bioengineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

W02-4 Modelling Total Exposure to Chemicals from Multiple Sources
Sarah Anne Tozer, Procter & Gamble, Egham, Surrey, UK

W02-5 How to improve the quality of exposure information needed for REACH processes?
Andreas Ahrens, Registration Directorate, European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki, Finland

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