ECETOC workshop on Bioaccumulation in air-breathing species

This is an invitation-only, face-to-face workshop taking place in Copenhagen ahead of the SETAC Europe Conference. For more information and if you are interested in registering, please contact info@ecetoc.org.

In June 2017 ECHA revised its Chapter R11 : PBT / vPvB Assessment document including new screening threshold criteria for bioaccumulation in air-breathing organisms linked to KOW and KOA (log KOW >2 in conjunction with log KOA >5).   However, no technical guidance accompanied the updated criteria to outline methodologies and approaches to assess the newly included B criteria.

As several research efforts (initiated after the release of the R11 Chapter revision) progress towards their respective conclusions, ECETOC is organising a face-to-face interactive workshop on Bioaccumulation in air-breathing species in Copenhagen on the Sunday 15 May 2022 immediately prior to the SETAC Europe conference.

The workshop will build upon the activities of the aforementioned initiatives and aims to:

  • Address key open questions
  • Identify data gaps/research needs

Workshop participants will comprise representatives from academia, industry and regulatory bodies with experience in bioaccumulation assessment for regulatory purposes. Participation of mammalian toxicology experts, particularly those possessing expertise in ADME and TK, would also be highly beneficial.


Please see the draft programme here


Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Oerestads Boulevard 114-118
2300 Copenhagen S