29.10.2015 - 30.10.2015

Defining the role of chemical activity in environmental risk assessment within the context of mode of action: Practical guidance and advice

Snowbird Resort, Utah, USA

This ECETOC workshop will be held prior to the SETAC North America meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah as many of the scientists will attend that meeting too. Society is facing a variety of challenges in environmental risk assessment (ERA): growing concerns about the effects of multiple stressors (chemical and non-chemical); risks associated with exposure to complex mixtures; and demands to quantify local site-specific risks. At the same time, risk assessors are seeking to provide a more efficient framework on which to address these emerging problems and questions in a manner that reduces cost and the use of animals.

The workgroup will assess the applicability of using chemical activity in the interpretation of effects data. Recent studies have demonstrated the utility of the concept with respect to acute baseline toxicity, consequently the emphasis of this workgroup will be on expanding the concept to chronic baseline toxicity and providing guidance regarding the handling of acute effects for non-narcotic chemicals.

This Workshop was a recommendation of ECETOC Technical Report no. 120 and follows the work of Cefic LRI ECO16.