07.09.2021 - 27.09.2021

Assessing the safety of polymers: Examples of grouping approach

Polymers are currently being reconsidered in the context of regulatory programmes. To help with this process, an ECETOC Task Force has looked at existing approaches with the aim of developing a framework for polymer risk assessment, i.e. the CF4Polymers.

One of the key steps identified in this approach is that of grouping sets of similar polymers. In doing so, a number of questions need to be addressed: What are the criteria to define similarities? How does the grouping approach work, in practice?

CARACAL members are invited to join this exploratory webinar to see how the grouping approach developed by ECETOC is applied to three different real-life case-studies.

Date and time: 7 September 2021 - 15:00-16:30 Brussels time

Location: Online

This event is by invitation only.