Young Scientist Awards at SETAC and EUROTOX

Young Scientist Awards at SETAC and EUROTOX

With the objective of recognising young scientists, ECETOC has been active in the provision of an annual Science Award to outstanding works of science since 2003.

The 1st Science Award was accorded on the occasion of its ECETOC‘s 25th Anniversary to recognise the achievements of three promising European investigators in the fields of science relevant to its mission of supporting the safe manufacturing and usehttp of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biomaterials through good science. Since then the format of the Award may have varied, however the objectives have remained the same.

In 2012 ECETOC sponsored the following awards for young scientists and is proud to announce this year‘s winners:

  • Environmental science related award
    SETAC Berlin 2012
    The ECETOC Best Platform Award honours the early career scientist with the best platform presentation at the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting. The award winner receives a free registration to the next SETAC Europe Annual meeting and travel and accommodation support. She/he also receives a free SETAC membership.This year‘s Best Platform Award has been awarded to Dorothea Gilbert, Aarhus University, Denmark, for her talk entitled: Passive dosing under the microscope reveals that microorganisms enhance the mass transfer of hydrophobic organic chemicals.
  • Human health science related award
    This is a Best Poster Award for toxicological research into mechanisms and risk assessment, selected by a panel in which ECETOC participates. The winner receives a monetary prize and a free invitation to the following year‘s EUROTOX meeting.This year‘s Young Scientist Award on human health sciences, presented at the EUROTOX annual meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, has been awarded to Camille Béchaux, Anses France for her poster presentation on: Dynamical modeling of dietary exposure to dioxins and corresponding present and future health risk: A case study in France.