E-newsletter issue 22, Apr 2012

The April 2012 edition of the ECETOC e-newsletter has just been published and is attached to this news item. It can also be downloaded from the following link: http://bit.ly/ecetoc-enl22

This issue includes an update on the Targeted Risk Assessment Tool version 3 which will be released in the coming days and associated workshop in May; our Secretary General reviews 20 years of debate over endocrine disrupting chemicals; details are given for the 2012 ECETOC annual meetings; new publications and upcoming activities are announced, including a symposium at EEMS on epigenetics and chemical safety following from last December‘s workshop on the same subject, and the planning of a workshop on the persistence of chemicals in the environment.

Table of contents

Front page

TRA version 3 and associated workshop

SG Corner: endocrine disrupting chemicals

Page 2

Scientific Committee News

2012 annual meetings

Latest publications

Page 3

ECETOC publishes report on development

of guidance for assessing the impact

of mixtures of chemicals in the aquatic


ECETOC publishes report on refined

approaches for risk assessment of PBT/vPvB


Page 4

ECETOC publishes report on linear PDMS

2012 environment progress review

Symposium at EEMS on epigenetics and

chemical safety

ECETOC session at EUROTOX 2012

Page 5

Persistence workshop planned

New task force


Page 6

EUROECOTOX conference