Spring 2016 issue of the ECETOC e-newsletter now available for download

The Spring 2016 issue of the ECETOC e-newsletter is now available and can be downloaded in PDF format from the following link:

In this issue:

Ecosystem Services and Chemical Risk Assessment: ECETOC task force investigates the applicability of the EFSA framework for developing specific protection goals for a wide range of chemicals

Major update to ECETOC Website now online

Recent Events
- Advances in consumer exposure science: Data, Modelling and Aggregate Exposure Assessment
- 2016 Human Health and Exposure Science Review Meeting
- 2016 Environment Progress Review
- Noncoding RNAs and Risk Assessment Science
- 2016 Annual Technical Meeting

Upcoming Events
- EUROTOX 2016. Workshop W02: Improving chemicals risk assessment with refined exposure characterisation
- Towards a Framework for Applying  ‘omics technologies in regulatory Risk Assessment
- Human Evidence for Chemical Respiratory Sensitisation – How to Use it and How to Improve it
- Developing a strategy to improve the hazard and risk assessment of difficult to test multi-component substances
- Environmental Exposure Modelling in the 21st Century

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