Publication of Winter 2015 ECETOC e-Newsletter

The Winter 2015 issue of the ECETOC e-newsletter is now available and can be downloaded in PDF format from the following link: /wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ECETOC_e-newsletter_29_Winter_2015.pdf

In this issue:

Front page

ECETOC Members: have your say and contribute to the ECETOC Science Programme at the 2016 Human Health & Exposure, Environmental Review and Annual Technical Meetings

Page 2

Scientific Committee News

Activities for Immediate Action:

  • New Task Force on Assessing aquatic toxicity and bioaccumulation of sparingly soluble substances and manufactured nanomaterials

Transformational Programmes:

  • Ecological Relevance of Risk Assessment
  • Using ‘Omics Data Wisely in Decision Making
  • Globalisation of ECETOC TRA Tool

Recent Events

  • Young Scientist Awards
  • Emerging Issues: the use and safety assessment of small RNA molecules

Page 3

Recent Events (continued)

  • Identifying limitations of the OECD water-sediment test (OECD 308) and developing suitable alternatives to assess persistence
  • Defining the role of chemical activity in environmental risk assessment within the context of mode of action: Practical guidance and advice
  • The Role of Epigenetics in Reproductive Toxicity

Upcoming Events

  • Advances in consumer exposure science: Data, Modelling and Aggregate Exposure Assessment
  • Noncoding RNAs and Risk Assessment Science

Page 4

Latest publications:

  • From Bioavailability Science to Regulation of Organic Chemicals
  • New ECETOC manuscript addresses the relationship between activity and toxicity for non-polar narcotic chemicals

I hope that you will find this edition useful and informative; your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
With best regards,

Ian Cummings
Communications, Media and Web Manager
ECETOC (European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals)