Publication of ECETOC e-Newsletter issue 32, Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 issue of the ECETOC e-newsletter is now available for download at

In this issue:

  • Seven Steps for the Identification of Endocrine Disrupting Properties (ECETOC 7SI-ED)
  • ECETOC Secretariat and Scientific Committee News
  • Recent Events
    • 2017 Environment Progress Review
      02-03 February 2017, Brussels, Belgium
    • 2017 Annual General meeting followed by 2017 Annual Technical Meeting
      08 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium
    • Workshop Session: Data Standardization Across ’Omic Platforms in Regulatory Toxicology
      15 March 2017, at 56th Annual SOT Meeting and ToxExpo Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Upcoming Events
    • Advances in high tier environmental exposure modelling: Bridging the gaps between research and practical application
      ECETOC Workshop, 04-05 May 2017, Brussels, Belgium
  • Latest Publications
    •  ECETOC Publications:
      • TR129: Biodegradation Default Half-Life Values in the Light of Environmentally Relevant Biodegradation Studies. Analysis of the ECETOC Biodegradation Data Base
      • TR130: The ECETOC Seven Steps for the Identification of Endocrine Disrupting Properties (ECETOC 7SI-ED)
      • WR 33: Chemical respiratory allergy: clinical information and how to use it and improve it. October 27-28 October 2016, Madrid
    • Published Articles:
      • Maltby et el. Is an ecosystem services-based approach developed for setting specific protection goals for plant protection products applicable to other chemicals?
      • Basketter et al. Behaviour of chemical respiratory allergens in novel predictive methods for skin sensitisation.
      • Baker et al. Building a Developmental Toxicity Ontology
      • Tilghman Hall et al. New Approach to Weight-of-Evidence Assessment of Ecotoxicological Effects in Regulatory Decision-Making

I hope that you will find this edition useful and informative; your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

With best regards,

Ian Cummings
Communications, Media and Web Manager
ECETOC (European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals)