ECHA’s keynote to kick off ECETOC’s 2022 Scoping Meeting

Mounir Bouhifd from ECHA’s Directorate of Prioritisation and Integration is set to give a keynote address to open ECETOC's 2022 edition of the Scoping Meeting.

His speech will give both an overview of how New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) are currently used at ECHA and of what the next steps into their further implementation in the regulatory setting would look like.

When asked about his upcoming participation in the Scoping Meeting, Dr Bouhifd stated: “We collectively showed it is possible to ensure protection and safety while limiting testing on animals in specific cases. This is more difficult for complex endpoints. Are the current approaches still applicable? Are the science and technology ready? Should the regulatory system be modified? Undeniably, this equation will be solved only collectively. A common understanding is needed of the challenges and opportunities NAMs could offer in assessing and regulating chemicals. I am looking forward to have this dialog with the various stakeholders within the ECETOC scoping meeting and share some thoughts about the regulatory perspective.”

Dr Bouhifd, who has been part of ECHA’s Alternative Methods Team of the Computational Assessment Unit for the last two and a half years, has extensive knowledge of alternative methodologies and their validation, gained in his current and previous roles at the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM).

“We’re thrilled to have ECHA with us to discuss future ECETOC projects and potentially identify synergies and collaborations”, commented Blanca Serrano, ECETOC’s Secretary General. “Their next steps and future vision constitute an important guide for our portfolio of activities in the coming years”.

ECETOC’s 2022 Scoping Meeting will take place on 13-14 September in Brussels. For a detailed list of activity proposals that will be presented and for the latest programme, please visit the event website. For a closer look at what’s new in this year’s Scoping Meeting design, click here.