2017 Annual General Meeting and Annual Technical Meeting

08 March 2017, Sofitel  Brussels Europe

Annual General Meetings represent the best opportunity for members to learn more about how ECETOC is helping them and to contribute their feedback.  Every member company delegate is invited for this typically morning-only gathering. Annual General Meetings are complemented by Annual Technical Meetings, which take place the afternoon of the same day.

Annual Technical Meetings are half-day forums following the Annual General Meeting to present and discuss issues that are innovative or currently relevant to the sector.   They sometimes take the format of a scientific workshop from which a report is also published.   Depending on the subject, invitations to Annual Technical Meetings are opened to interested stakeholders such as policymakers, academics and consultants.

2017 venue:
Sofitel  Brussels Europe
1 place Jourdan
1040 Brussels

Annual General Meeting For members only,
08 March 2017, 09:00-11:00

Followed by

Annual Technical Meeting,
08 March 2017, 11.00–16.00


Contact the Secretariat for more information (info@ecetoc.org)