Experts sought for 2 new Task Forces within the Human Health Transformational Programme

ECETOC is inviting experts to join two new Task Forces within its Human Health Transformational Programme.

The ECETOC Human Health Transformational Programme (HH TP) recently published a framework for chemical safety assessment incorporating New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) within REACH which outlined ways in which NAMs could be used in chemical human health assessment.  The framework has been well received and it will form part of a project being put together within the European Partnership for Alternatives to Animals (EPAA).

The HH TP Team has put forward proposals for the next steps to develop the framework in the light of the comments received from stakeholders and the insight from the new members of the team.  There are 4 work packages:

  1. Two papers to be written by the Human Health Transformational Programme Team:
  • Publish a commentary paper on the move from lists of studies to health concerns to be addressed.
  • Publish a commentary paper on the opportunities afforded by the exposure categorization concept
  1. Two Task Forces, as follows-
  • Task Force 1 to work on exemplifying the staged assessment process by using it to provide more information in low tonnage bands, working with the current classification system as far as possible.
  • Task Force 2 on examining how in vivo studies considered to be preliminary or screening within REACH could be refined provide more information by the inclusion of additional elements such as “omics”.

Experts working in industry, academia or regulatory bodies interested in joining any of these two task forces should express their interest by sending their CV (and a list of relevant publications) to or by 31 October 2022, mentioning the particular contribution they can bring to the Task Force.

Applications will be screened by the ECETOC HH TP members for suitability and overall fit; special attention will be given to ensure gender/age diversity in the final composition of the Task Forces.

Selected Task Force members will take part in the organisation of kick-off meetings for each Task Force, which are anticipated to take place in November 2022.