2018 AGM and ECETOC 40th Anniversary celebration

Newsflash 03 July 2018:
Publication of e-Newsletter reporting on the ECETOC 40th Anniversary

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A champion of science for 40 years

ECETOC is celebrating 40 years as a champion of scientific excellence and science-based decision-making in Europe.

Founded in 1978, ECETOC has provided a forum for top scientists from academia, government and industry to work together to develop and promote practical and realistic science-based solutions to protect human health and safeguard the environment.

For the past four decades, we have provided the collaborative space, freedom from commercial pressure and long-term project stability that is needed to ensure the very best independent scientific research – and we have made all our work and the scientific findings available to the public.

We have created an extensive knowledge base as well as practical tools for the assessment of chemicals that we share freely on our website, in our publications and at our meetings and symposia.

We also analyse the scientific trends of tomorrow and have a voice in shaping industry’s future science agenda.

Celebrating in Brussels’ historic home of science

Almost 80 leading figures from academia, government and industry gathered at the Bibliothèque Solvay on 21 March 2018 to celebrate ECETOC’s 40th anniversary (after the 2018 Annual General Meeting for members only).

The venue could not be more evocative: the Bibliothèque Solvay is the historic home of scientific excellence in Brussels. Established in 1902 by the renowned chemist and entrepreneur, Ernest Solvay, this sociology institute regularly hosted scientists from around the world, who came to share their thoughts and ideas.

For 20 years, the Bibliothèque Solvay also played host to the famous Solvay Conferences, whose participants included luminaries and Nobel Prize winners Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Henri Poincaré, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, Erwin Schrödinger and Albert Einstein.

Solvay Conference 1927

Photo: Benjamin Couprie [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1927 Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics. From back to front and from left to right : Auguste Piccard, Émile Henriot, Paul Ehrenfest, Édouard Herzen, Théophile de Donder, Erwin Schrödinger, Jules-Émile Verschaffelt, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Ralph Howard Fowler, Léon Brillouin, Peter Debye, Martin Knudsen, William Lawrence Bragg, Hendrik Anthony Kramers, Paul Dirac, Arthur Compton, Louis de Broglie, Max Born, Niels Bohr, Irving Langmuir, Max Planck, Marie Skłodowska Curie, Hendrik Lorentz, Albert Einstein, Paul Langevin, Charles-Eugène Guye, Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, Owen Willans Richardson.

The event was tweeted live at: http://www.twitter.com/ecetoc