Workshop Report 29

Workshop structure

The 2-day workshop began with in an introductory session designed to stimulate participant understanding of chemical activity by presentation of material covering the fundamental thermodynamic principles that form the basis of the concept, as well as a brief introduction of the outline of each work group’s topic. Initial refinement and expansion of work group questions resulted from this introductory session.

The remainder of the workshop was structured around the three work groups (WGs) using a series of key questions to focus discussion. Between 10-14 experts were assigned to each specific work group. Activities in the WGs included presentations, substantial group discussion and writing periods and regular plenaries to update participants on progress and changes that occurred in topic development.

Workshop participants were invited based on their expertise in areas such as environmental toxicology, environmental chemistry, and environmental risk assessment. Thirty-eight individuals participated, representing academia, government, and industry. The workshop was held prior to the SETAC North America meeting in Salt Lake City, 29-30 October, 2015, at the Snowbird Resort in Utah.