Workshop Report 29


ACR         Acute / chronic ratio
AOP        Adverse outcome pathway
APIS         Active pharmaceutical ingredients
AUC         Area under the curve
CNS         Central Nervous System
D5        Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
DPRA         Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay
ΔSM         Entropy of melting
EQS        Environmental Quality Standards
ERA         Environmental risk assessment
F         Fugacity Ratio
G        Gibbs free energy
GSH         Glutathione
IFS        Iterative Fragment Selection
IOCs         Ionisable organic chemicals
KOW         The octanol-water partition coefficient
MIE         Molecular initiating event
MOA        Modes of action
MOCS         Miscible organic chemicals
PNEA         Predicted no-effect activity
QSPR        Quantitative structure property relationship
RMSE         Root mean square error
SSDS         Species sensitivity distributions
Sw         Solubility in water
σ        Standard deviation
TK         Toxicokinetic
TKTD         Toxicokinetic and dynamic
TTC        Threshold of toxicological concern
WWTP         Waste water treatment plant