JACC 049a : Corrigendum to JACC 49


Following publication of the above mentioned report, some errors have been brought to our attention. Please note that the corrections of the printed and PDF versions of the JACC Report No. 49 are as follows:

p. 26 line 1: “Medinski et al 1990” should read “Medinsky et al 1988”
p. 28 8.1.2 line 8: “Greenwood” should read “Greenberg”
ibidem line 8: “mice” should read “rats”
ibidem line 11: “500” should read “5,000”
p. 41 line 16/17: “520, 2,600” should read “5,200, 26,000”
p. 44 line 3: insert a blank line before “Baker”
p. 48 the reference Medinsky et al 1990 should read: “Medinsky MA, Bechtold WE, Birnbaum LS, Chico DM, Gerlach RF, Henderson RF. 1988. Uptake of vinylidene fluoride in rats simulated by a physiological model. Fund Appl Toxicol 11:250-260.”