The ECETOC approach to targeted risk assessment, lessons and experiences relevant to REACH

Authors : Chris D Money, ExxonMobil; Sylvia Jacobi, Albermarle; Mike G Penman, Exxonmobil Biomedical; Carlos Rodriguez, Procter & Gamble; Christ De Rooij, Consultant and Gauke Veenstra, Shell International
Publisher : Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (2007) 17, S67-S71


ECETOC has been developed an approach by which the health and environmental risks arising from the supply and use of chemicals can be quickly and reliably evaluated by chemical suppliers. The approach has been available as a web-based tool since 2004. During the development and implementation of the approach, ECETOC has consulted widely so that the approach is seen to meet the required levels of science while also meeting the differing needs of affected stakeholders. The consultation process has yielded a number of findings in terms of the considerations necessary for implementing successful risk-informed decision-making in a multi-stakeholder environment. Concurrently, as the European Commission’s REACH legislative package has begun to take shape, it has also become apparent that the approach has a number of potential applications for aiding the process of risk assessment under REACH. This paper reviews these experiences within the broader context of the expectations that REACH places on chemical manufacturers and suppliers. In particular, it highlights the key role that REACH Exposure Scenarios have for evaluating, managing and communicating chemical risks.