Linear Alkylbenzene sulphonate and boron monitoring in four catchments in the UK contribution to GREAT-ER project # 11

Authors : M.S. Holt, ECETOC; K.K. Fox, Unilever Research; M. Daniel, Environment Agency UK; H. Buckland, Yorkshire Water
Publisher : The Science of the Total Environment, Volumes 314-316 , 1 October 2003, Pages 271-288


A comprehensive monitoring programme was carried out in the Aire, Calder, Went and Rother catchments in the UK. A total of 804 effluent samples from 36 sewage treatment works (STWs) and 1100 water samples from 54 river sampling sites were analysed. Concentrations of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), boron and other water quality determinands in STW effluent and river waters over a 2-year period (August 1996?August 1998) are reported. The data illustrate the temporal and spatial variations in concentrations of LAS and boron in river waters and effluents. Concentrations of LAS in effluents reflect the biological treatment employed and the influence of tertiary treatment is clearly demonstrated.