Since 2003, ECETOC has been active in the provision of an annual Science Award to honour the early career scientists and reward outstanding work.

The 1st ECETOC Science Award was proudly accorded on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary to recognise the achievements of three promising European investigators in the fields of science relevant to its mission of supporting the safe manufacturing and use of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biomaterials through good science.

Since then, and while the format of the Award may have varied, the objectives have remained the same: engage, recognise and celebrate the youth work.

Moreover, since the launch of the Cefic Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) programme in 1998, ECETOC has been a partner organisation to promote innovative research and build inter-disciplinary and international scientific networks and partnerships, including young scientists.

Currently, an increasing number of young scientists are involved in ECETOC activities and working closely with experts from the industry and academia to advance their work.

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