ECETOC’s June 2010 ATM presentations available online

2010 Annual Technical Meeting
08 June 2010

Hotel Bedford, Brussels

2010 Topic: Review of the ECETOC Science Strategy
This year’s ECETOC Annual Technical Meeting was a great success; a well-attended event, it focussed on a review of the ECETOC Science Strategy to ensure its relevance in the coming years. Keynote presentations were followed by break out groups which determined how to further refine the Strategic Science areas.The resulting revisions will maintain ECETOC’s leading position in line with forthcoming regulations and new developments in Science.

2010 ATM Programme


Bjørn Hansen: Regulatory landscape in Europe. Now and future. The REACH case

Bob Diderich: Modernising toxicology: Using systems biology approaches and non-animal methods

David Owen: 21st century toxicology vision

John Doe: Evolving the ECETOC Strategy

Neil Carmichael: ECETOC programme development