ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment Tools (TRA) – 2010 versions


ECETOC announce the launch of the 2010 version of the Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) Tools.

Subsequent to the release of the TRAv2 in July 2009, ECETOC has held a series of meetings and events with experts from member companies and regulatory authorities with the aim of identifying what further modifications may be either necessary or beneficial. While the science underlying the ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment remains unchanged, ECETOC has revised certain aspects of the Targeted Risk Assessment tool in order to:

  • take into account the latest development of the REACH Guidance Chapters R12, R14, R15, and R16
  • respond to the users’ feedback and to implement the full functionality of the tools.


The major changes in the individual tools are: Worker tool (standalone version):•revised version (debugged version) Environment assessment (integrated tool): revised version (debugged version) a comprehensive list of SPERCs has been implemented in order to facilitate refined assessments

  • the emissions from wide dispersive uses are now summed up Consumer assessment (standalone and integrated)
  • the revised use descriptor system has been implemented, together with associated Product sub Categories and related exposure determinants


The new tools are freely available via our website at: