ECETOC launches new initiatives related to pharmaceuticals and the environment

Since its establishment in 1978, ECETOC’s membership has included pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies with significant consumer and personal care portfolios and food companies as well as chemicals, petrochemicals and agrochemicals. However, it came to it’s attention recently that there were options for sector specific activities such as, for example, in the pharmaceutical sector that were not yet fully explored.

Accordingly, a meeting was organised in Brussels to discuss ways in which ECETOC could address the underlying science issues relevant to human and environmental risk assessment (ERA) of pharmaceuticals.

15 different companies (23 attendees in all) were invited to participate. During the discussions, seven priority topics were highlighted, of which 3 were prioritised and specific activities have now been initiated.

They are:

    • Bound Residues:

A workshop was organised in Brussels in October and a further task force is due to start in 2010

    • ERA of ionisable compounds:

A task force is due to start in 2010

    • Read across/MoA/QSAR:

A pharma-specific task force is due to start in 2010