E-newsletter issue 23, Sep 2012

The September 2012 edition of the ECETOC e-newsletter has just been published and can be downloaded in PDF format from the following link: http://bit.ly/ecetoc-enl23

Items of particular note in this issue:

  • ECETOC Secretary General Neil Carmichael retires at the end of this month and his successor is announced
  • A report on the annual technical meeting held last June
  • New address: the ECETOC secretariat is moving mid-September
  • Update on the Targeted Risk Assessment Tool and latest related technical report
  • Report on the recent ECETOC session at EUROTOX 2012
  • ECETOC article published in the open literature on risk assessment of endocrine active chemicals: identifying chemicals of regulatory concern
  • ECETOC publishes technical report on the effects of chemical co-exposures at doses relevant for human safety assessments
  • EUROECOTOX: report on the June conference on further steps on the replacement, reduction and refinement (3Rs) of animal experiments in ecotoxicology
  • 2012 young scientist awards

I hope that you will find this edition useful and informative; your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

With best regards,

Ian Cummings
Communications, Media and Web Manager
ECETOC (European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals)
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