42nd EEMS annual conference in Warsaw, Poland 16-20 September 2012

The 42nd EEMS meeting will take place in Warsaw, Poland, 16-20 September 2012 at Warsaw University main campus, under the organization of Prof. Barbara Tudek, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw.
The scientific program will include mechanisms of DNA damage tolerance, versatile functions of DNA repair proteins, chromatin structure in the control of genetic stability, human diseases and DNA repair, markers of human exposure to genotoxic agents, environmental aspects of toxicity of nanoparticles, epigenotoxicology including miRNA as cellular response to DNA damage, oxidation and deamination of nucleobases as a new epigenetic instrument in the control of mutations and carcinogenesis.

The special session on epigenetics and chemical safety will be organized by ECETOC. Additionally regulatory session and Young Scientist session will provide the newest issues in the areas of EEMS interests. The high scientific level is guaranteed by the international excellence of the invited speakers. Some of the confirmed speakers are:  H. Ulrich, A.Van Oijen, R. Woodgate,  A.R. Lehman, R. Fuchs,  K. Bebenek,  W. Niedzwiedz, M. Saparbaev,  V.A. Bohr,  B. Castaing, E. Avvedimento, B. Kaina,  H. Krokan, A. Collins, M. Dusinska, A. Jha,  A. Gutleb,  M. Refnes, J. Cadet, J. Sale, H. van Atticum, J. Downs, M. Simard, P. Svoboda, J. Maciejewski, H.  Norppa, Z. Herceg, A. Sartori.

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