Proposal for a science-based testing strategy to identify maternal thyroid hormone imbalance

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Applying genomics in regulatory toxicology: a report of the ECETOC workshop on omics threshold on non‑adversity

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Annual Report 2022

Have a look at ECETOC’s 2022 report of activities

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An comparison of publicly available data sets with modelled estimates occupational inhalation exposure

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Towards a science-based testing strategy to identify maternal thyroid hormone imbalance – part III

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An assessment of the ECETOC TRA Consumer tool

An ECETOC task force has carried out an in-depth evaluation of its Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) Consumer exposure tool…

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ECETOC works with leading scientists from academia, governments and industry to develop and promote trusted and practical scientific solutions which ensure a safe, sustainable and healthy world.

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ECETOC publishes Autumn 2023 calendar of events

ECETOC offers many opportunities for scientific exchange with peers on a variety of topics. Here's a list of upcoming events: Come to Alicante to the forthcoming ECETOC workshop Elevating e...
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Join ECETOC’s 2024 Scoping Meeting Organising Committee!

Are you an ECETOC member, currently not on the Board or Scientific Committee? We are looking for a couple of volunteers to join the Organising Committee of next year’s Scoping Meeting, tentatively s...
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Contribute to the TRA tool user survey and work groups

To support our work on the maintenance of the ECETOC TRA tool, we’ve launched a very quick (one-question) users survey to understand better the current usage by our stakeholders. As well as shari...
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A note from the Secretary General – Sept 2023

Dear ECETOC Members, Greetings from an unusually warm and dry September! It’s “back to school" season for everybody and I'd like to share some important updates and upcoming events with you:...
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🔬Exciting news! ECETOC's T4 Task Force's latest article introduces a science-based strategy predicting a substance’s potential to disrupt thyroid hormone in pregnant women. 🤰Read the 'Thyroid-NDT-TAS' proposal: 🧪 #EndocrineDisruptors #ThyroidHealth

Dorothy Hodgkin, who died #OnThisDay in 1994, was an English chemist whose determination of the structure of penicillin and vitamin B12 brought her the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

"Misinformation is 'information that is contrary to the epistemic 🧪 consensus of the scientific community 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬regarding a phenomenon.'"

Some heroes 🦸🏽‍♀️wear lab coats 🥼

👉🏽 Check how almost 2,000 colleagues in science and research @dsmfirmenich develop science & technology platforms for one purpose 👉🏽 bringing progress to life👏🏽


Harness the collective expertise of the entire chemical industry to contribute to the science of regulatory risk assessment.

Have a voice in shaping industry’s Science Agenda.

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