Moving persistence assessments into the 21st Century: A role for weight-of-evidence (WoE) and overall persistence (Pov)

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Scientific concepts and methods for moving persistence assessments into the 21st Century

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TR 140 – Systematic review of published studies of ECETOC TRA Worker exposure predictions

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A framework for chemical safety assessment incorporating new approach methodologies within REACH

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TR 133-3

Case Studies putting the ECETOC Conceptual Framework for Polymer Risk Assessment (CF4Polymers) into Practice

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Commentary: Assessing the endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals on invertebrates in the European Union

An ECETOC Expert Group identified research needed to enable regulatory assessment of endocrine disruption…

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ECHA announces new Executive Director

ECHA has just announced the selection of Dr. Sharon McGuinness as new Executive Director. Prior to her recent appointment, Dr. McGuinness had worked at Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority since...
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ECETOC publishes 2021 annual report of activities

ECETOC publishes 2021 annual report of activities

The 2021 Annual Report is now available online!...
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ECETOC Expert Group identifies research needs to enable regulatory assessment of endocrine disruption in invertebrates

An ECETOC Expert Group on Endocrine Disruption Assessment in Invertebrates has just published its findings on the state of the science of invertebrate endocrine disruption in relation to EU regulation...
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ECETOC task force reviews external studies of targeted risk assessment tool for chemical exposure at work

ECETOC task force reviews external studies of targeted risk assessment tool for chemical exposure at work

BRUSSELS, 4 May 2022 – In a recently released technical report available here, a task force from the Centre for chemical safety assessment (ECETOC) has reviewed external performance studies of its T...
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