Heterogeneity in biological assemblages and exposure in chemical risk assessment

ECETOC scientists have studied the feasibility of including georeferenced data to improve the ecological relevance of chemical safety assessments…

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Mobility in the context of exposure‐based assessment of chemicals for drinking water resource protection

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TR 140 – Systematic review of published studies of ECETOC TRA Worker exposure predictions

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Towards best use and regulatory acceptance of generic physiologically based kinetic (PBK) models for in vitro‑to‑in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) in chemical risk assessment

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A framework for chemical safety assessment incorporating new approach methodologies within REACH

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TR 133-3: Case Studies putting the ECETOC Conceptual Framework for Polymer Risk Assessment (CF4Polymers) into Practice

Polymers cover a broad spectrum of generally very large natural and synthetic molecules, including cellulose, waxes, and resins…

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Commentary: Assessing the endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals on invertebrates in the European Union

An ECETOC Expert Group identified research needed to enable regulatory assessment of endocrine disruption…

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ECETOC works with leading scientists from academia, governments and industry to develop and promote trusted and practical scientific solutions which ensure a safe, sustainable and healthy world.

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In-depth evaluation confirms robust design of ECETOC risk assessment screening tool for consumer products

In-depth evaluation confirms robust design of ECETOC risk assessment screening tool for consumer products

Brussels, 26 January 2023 – A task force from the Centre for chemical safety assessment (ECETOC) has carried out an in-depth evaluation of its Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) Consumer exposure tool a...
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New year, new ideas, more impact!

A note from Blanca Serrano Ramón, Secretary General of ECETOC Dear all, Happy New Year! Judging from all that we have in store, 2023 promises to be very active, engaging and – hopefully – f...
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ECETOC announces launch of new activities in 2023

Besides continuing its ongoing work, ECETOC is planning to launch a series of new activities in 2023, including many that sparked from presentations and discussions at the 2022 Scoping Meeting. Her...
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ECETOC Task Force studies criteria to identify potential drinking water contaminants

ECETOC Task Force studies criteria to identify potential drinking water contaminants

An ECETOC Task Force, established to study how best to create a reliable approach to identify potential drinking water contaminants, has recently published its key findings in Integrated Environmental...
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