Transformational Programmes

ECETOC is currently running 3 Transformational Programmes:

1. Using molecular data wisely for decision making

A programme directed towards the acceptance and establishment of standardised practices [in context of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)], processes and guidelines to provide confidence for regulators and registrants to interpret and apply “omic” data in regulatory decision making.

This Programme contains 3 work streams:

  • Best practices and standardised process for attaining, storing and retrieving ‘omic data for regulatory decision making
  • Best practices and standardised process for analysing ‘omic data for regulatory decision making, and
  • Best Weight of Evidence (WoE) practices for integrating ‘omic data with animal and human data for regulatory decision making

2. Introducing environmental relevance into Environmental Risk Assessment

Addressing complexity and variability in RA by improving ecological relevance to enable better risk mitigation and risk management. The large degree of temporal and spatial variability in ecological communities and environmental exposures requires that the current assessment approaches and models be enhanced.

Addresses 3 work streams…

  • Assessing the effects of chemicals in ecological communities
  • Exposure science for higher tier risk assessment
  • Ecosystem service-based approaches for landscape scale risk assessment and risk management

3, Globalising the concepts used in the ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment Tool (TRA)

The TRA Tool is used widely in chemical risk assessment in Europe to undertake Tier 1 exposure assessments.   This transformational programme is designed to sustain and broaden the use of the TRA within Europe and beyond by improving the confidence in the utility of the tool.

It contains 3 work streams:

    • Meet Industry and ECHA expectations
    • Internationalisation opportunities
    • Reinforce reputation and brand recognition