Environmental Research Liaison Teams

The LRI Environment Monitoring Team overseas programme development and funded research in environmental subjects such as cross taxonomic biotransformation potential, a BCF database, a strategy to predict acute fish lethality using fish cell lines and fish embryos, QSARs, the bridge between environmental fate & human health effects modelling, biomagnification, PBTs, omics, biodegradation & persistance and mode of action.

The current research portfolio under the environmental programme looks as follows with projects starting in 2014 marked below with *:

  • ECO8.3: Fish cell line and embryo assays: follow up to the CEllSens ECO8/8.2 project (completed). A Round‐Robin test of the RTgill‐W1 cell line assay has now been established
    Principal investigator: Prof. Kristin Schirmer, Eawag, Switzerland. Currently, in collaboration with the NC3Rs a RTgill-W1 round robin is taken place with the plan to have a first draft of a publication ready for distribution to the partners by end of February 2015
  • ECO9: Investigating the environmental relevance of laboratory bioconcentration test
    Principal investigator: Dr. Heather A. Leslie, VU University, The Netherlands (Finalised)
  • ECO11: Influence of microbial biomass and diversity on biotransformation
    Principal investigator: Dr. Russell Davenport, University of Newcastle, UK (Eco 11 workshop on the improvement of the OECD 306 screening test held 17-18 February 2015 at CEFAS Laboratories, Lowestoft UK)
  • ECO13: Applying and verifying PBT/POP models through comprehensive screening of chemicals (Finalised)
    Principal investigator: Prof. Michael McLachlan, Stockholm University, Sweden (Finalised)
  • ECO14b: Development and validation of an abbreviated in vivo fish bioconcentration test
    Principal investigator: Dr. Duane Huggett, University of North Texas, USA (Finalised)
  • ECO15: Rapid estimation of TMF using laboratory, field and computer modelling methods in aquatic organisms
    Principal investigator: Prof. Michael McLachlan, Stockholm University, Sweden (Finalised)
  • ECO16: Critical body residue validation for aquatic organisms exposed to chemicals causing toxicity by baseline narcosis
    Principal investigator: Dr. Joop Hermens, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Finalised)
  • ECO17: Evaluation of test methods for measuring toxicity to sediment organisms
    Principal investigator: Prof. Albert Koelmans, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
    (Eco 17 workshop prospective sediment risk assessment, held on 24-02-14 in Wageningen) (Finalised)
  • ECO18: Identifying limitations of the OCED water-sediment test (OECD 308) and developing suitable alternatives to assess persistence
    Principal investigator: Dr Kathrin Fenner, EAWAG, Department of Environmental Chemistry, Switzerland
  • ECO19: Towards more ecologically realistic assessment of chemicals in the environment
    Principal investigator: Dr. Frederik De Laender, Ghent University, Belgium
  • ECO20: Development of an alternative testing strategy for the fish early life-stage (FELS) test (OECD 210)
    Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Dries Knapen, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • ECO21: Mechanistic Bioaccumulation Model(s) for Ionogenic Organic Substances in Fish
    Principal investigator: Dr. Jon Arnot, ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc, Canada
  • ECO22: Advancing the use of passive sampling in risk assessment and management of contaminated sediments: an inter-laboratory comparison study on measurements of freely dissolved (bioavailable) concentrations using different passive sampling formats.
    Principal investigator: Dr Michiel Jonker, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • ECO23: Time-Integrative Passive sampling combined with Toxicity Profiling (TIPTOP): an effect-based strategy for cost-effective chemical water quality assessment
    Principal investigator: Timo Hamers Phd, IVM, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ECO24: Computer based prediction of the formation of Non-Extractable Residues (NER) of xenobiotics and their metabolites in soils and sediments with regard to their environmental hazard
    Principal investigator: Dr Gerrit Schüürmann, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany
  • ECO25: Development of Soup Tests for the Risk assessment of NER in Soil
    Principal investigator: Joop Harmsen, Alterra Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
  • ECO26*: Adapt SimpleTreat for simulating behaviour of chemical substances during industrial sewage treatment
    Principal investigator: Prof. Dik van de Meent, Radboud Universiteit, The Netherlands
  • ECO27*: Chemicals: Assessment of Risks to Ecosystem Services (CARES).
    Principal investigator: Dr Lorraine Maltby, University of Sheffield, UK
  • ECO28*: Aquatic Community level assessment of chemical toxicity using ecological scenarios
    Request for Proposals (RfP) advertised in 2014. Selection Team meeting held in February 2015
  • ECO29*: Application of chemostat systems to include adaptation of microbial communities in persistency testing.
    Principal investigator: Dr John Parsons, University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands
  • ECO30: Expanding the applicability domain of the chemical activity approach for hazard and risk assessment
    Principal investigator: Jon Arnot and James M. Armitage, ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc., Toronto, Canada
  • EEM9.3: Linking IUCLID and AMBIT
    Principal investigator: Nina Jeliazkova Institute of Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • EMSG55: Critical evaluation of individual and combined natural and synthetic endocrine active compounds in fish: an in vitro and in vivo approach
    Principal investigator: Prof. Tom Hutchinson, CEFAS, UK (Finalised)
  • N2: Assessment of nanoparticle specific effects in environmental toxicity testing. (Complete but now leading to a Workshop)
    Principal investigator: Dr. Alistair Boxall, University of York, UK