Cefic LRI Projects under ECETOC Management

Since the establishment of the Cefic Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) programme in 1998, ECETOC has been a partner organisation with 3 Key Leadership Roles:

Project Proposals

These proposals are based on the ability of ECETOC to have multi-stakeholder (industry, regulatory bodies and academia) dialogue and consultation.

Project Selection

When proposals are received by LRI to address specific projects, ECETOC organises selection teams and, by following a transparent and impartial process, identifies the proposal considered to be the most worthy for receiving LRI funding.

Project Management

An ECETOC Monitoring Team follows the progress of each LRI project providing help and guidance to the researchers as requested.

Environmental projects are managed by ECETOC Environmental Sciences Manager, Lucy Wilmot.

Human Health & Exposure projects are managed by ECETOC Human Health Scientist, Alice Brousse.

For more information on the LRI, visit their website http://www.cefic-lri.org.