2010 archive

As an organisation, ECETOC serves as the ideal body to scientifically represent the European chemical industry; to liaise and to cooperate on their behalf with European and international scientific stakeholders and to get involved with relevant initiatives either in on-going expert groups or in specific meetings or projects.


Representation at specific meetings or input to specific projects:

ECETOC has represented its members in the following specific initiatives:

On-going expert groups 2010-2011

ECETOC represents its members in the following on-going expert groups:

Presentations and Posters

  • SETAC Europe Annual Meeting:
    Seville, Spain

    23-27 May 2010

    • Guidance on identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals (platform and poster presentation by Arnd Weyers, Bayer CropScience.
    • Risk assessment approaches for PBT/vPvB or POPs (poster with communication by Ian Malcomber, Unilever
    • Bound residues (poster in the LRI booth by Malyka Galay Burgos, ECETOC.

  • ECPA Regulatory Conference
    Seville, Spain
    27-28 May 2010
    ECETOC was represented by Neil Carmichael of ECETOC; he presented the ECETOC report on “Guidance on identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals’

  • IUTOX 2010
    Barcelona, Spain
    19-23 July 2010
    WHO framework (on combined exposure to multiple chemicals in risk assessment) case study: carbamates (platform presentation by Elizabeth Shipp of BayerCropscience)

  • Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
    Salt Lake City, USA
    05-08 December 2010
    Integration of Human and Animal Data in Chemical Risk Assessment (poster presentation by Dr Karlene S. Lavelle (ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, USA).

  • SETAC North America Annual Meeting
    Portland, Oregon, USA
    07-11 November 2010
    Bridging Science With Communities
    ECETOC was represented by Todd Gouin of Unilever