Science Programme

The ECETOC Science Programme is focussed on one core theme: enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of chemicals risk assessment.

As such, ECETOC operates on 2 levels:

  • Incremental Progression – addresses immediate regulatory scientific needs. These are in general topics that need to be completed within 12-18 months.
  • Transformational Programmes – address topics of longer term scientific relevance aimed at producing transformational change in chemicals management. These are in general horizontal themes to be completed over 3-5 years.

To achieve this, activities are divided into the following 3 areas of activity:

ECETOC works with experts from academia, industry and regulatory bodies on questions of importance to chemicals risk assessment science. It does this through the platforms of Workshops, Expert Meetings and Task Forces.

ECETOC collaborates with Cefic LRI to develop targeted research on applied science as it relates to risk assessment. This is achieved by providing Cefic LRI with scientific advisory support in the development of the LRI programme and oversight and monitoring of the Cefic-LRI funded projects.

ECETOC shares all its output freely through its website, open access publications, meetings and symposia. ECETOC risk assessment tools are also freely available on this website.